The X2T, the newest addition to the X-Series from Raidho Acoustics. It’s a floor-standing speaker that wants to be different from its predecessors. According to Raidho, the X2T is a step up from their outgoing speaker, the X2. How does the X2T stand out as an early 2023 release? Here’s everything we know about the Raidho X2T floor-standing speakers.

The Raidho X2T Speakers

The X series at Raidho stands for eXtreme performance for the price. As a luxury HiFi brand, Raidho has made its mark with the TD Series and the X-Series, specifically, the X2 series. So what makes the X2T speakers special? Here’s what we know.

The Raidho X2T Speaker

The Raidho X2T uses the same sealed ribbon tweeter from the famous Raidho TD6, from the TD Series. This design choice results in increased sensitivity and resolution. Not only is the TD6 famous for its performance but also for its price point. The TD6 has a retail price of €210,000. According to Raidho, you get the best of the TD6 and an improved version of the X2 for a fraction of the price.

According to Raidho, the X2T came into existence thanks to the X1T, another member of the X-Series. The people at Raidho also saw one shortcoming when it came to comparing the X1T and the X2. The X2 was underperforming. Thus, the X2T was born.

You could also say that it’s an improved version of the X1T, the X2, with elements of the TD6. A Raidho cocktail, if you will.

Furthermore, the X2T has dual woofers that provide more bass power and a larger scale to the music.

The Raidho X2T Speakers

The two 5,25” bass driver units in the new X2t, now has Tantalum coating. Tantalum belongs to a class of metals known as refractory metals. These metals are defined by their strong resistance to heat and wear. It has a melting point of 2,996 °C, the fourth highest of all metals. This makes the membrane much stiffer and harder without adding any weight and thereby raising the breakup modes to an incredible 15kHz.

Further upgrades from the X2 to the X2T include:

  1. Better components in the crossover
  2. Nordost internal cabling
  3. A completely retuned loudspeaker

According to Raidho, the new crossover in the X2T has quality components that exceeds many other loudspeakers with a price tag of €80,000. Furthermore, the use of Nordost cable in the crossover is highly unusual and reveals the enormous attention to detail.

The X2T may not look so different from the X2 but when it comes to performance, they differ greatly. Raidho representatives shared that the X2T would beat older models (before 2018) in terms of performance.

Price Of The X2T Speakers

The Raidho X2T floor-standing speakers retail at €14,000 per pair. It comes in the following finishes: Piano Black, Birdseye maple or any colour to order but you will acure additional charges for the custom colors.

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