The Unveiling Of The Revamped Sonus Faber Homage Collection.

Big news from the Italian loudspeaker maestros, Sonus Faber. They announced the latest upgrade from their 1993 Homage collection. So what happens when artisanship meets technology? Here’s everything we know about the new Homage Collection from Sonus Faber and what makes it different from any loudspeaker we’ve covered.

The Sonus Faber Homage Collection.

The Reimagined Homage Collection By Sonus Faber

All three models (the Guarneri, the Amati, and the Serafino) feature: new drivers, phase plugs, and crossovers to take the material design to the next level.

Here are the four new Homage loudspeakers:

  1. The Guarneri G5 (5th generation) 2-way standmount
  2. The Serafino G2 3.5-way (2nd gen)
  3. The Amati G5 3.5-way (5th gen) floorstanders
  4. The 3-way Vox G3 (3rd gen) center channel

The New Intono Technology

You can find the new Intono tech in the Amati G5 and Sefafino G2. Why Intono? Midrange drivers, in general, benefit from a sealed enclosure that will naturally exhibit impedance spikes to the rise in air pressure inside of the chamber.

The Amati G5

Not only that but, you also have ported cabinet designs that have a tuning frequency at which, the mass of moving air inside of the port collides with the driver exactly out of phase and the driver loses output.

Intono Tech is the best of both worlds and promises to address the drawbacks of ported cabinet design and sealed enclosures while also playing to their strengths by placing a ducted midrange driver into a sealed chamber tuned just above peak pressure frequency.

New Drivers

The Amati and Serafino models have a more efficient 150mm natural fiber midrange driver with a neodymium magnet. Furthermore, a new shorter, and wider voice coil. Additionally, the suspension has been improved. You can expect improvements in speed and control.

Sonus also improved the Serafino G2 bass drivers with a low-frequency unit receiving a new coil and spider material, optimized for greater air movement and bass extension. This design choice is to counterbalance any resonant vibration.

The Amati G5 comes with a new 220 mm bass driver with a claimed 23.6 % increase in force. Sonus also added a pair of ultralight CCAW voice coils in a custom-formed neodymium Slug that features two air gaps for maximum speed, with an integrated heat sink for improved power handling.

Finally, the Guarneri G5’s 150 mm driver has been re-tuned, improving control and taming resonance down to 15 Hz. It also comes with a purpose-built neodymium motor system that allows for a distortion-free deeper extension.

New Crossovers

The new hybrid crossover system uses the finest components available on the market today. According to Sonus, they were hand selected through various listening tests. You can expect hand-soldered Jantzen inductors and custom spec Clarity Caps and Mundorf capacitors and resistors on custom PCBs to ensure maximum clarity, high power handling, low noise floor, and long life.

The Guarneri G5

The Cabinet Design

The new cabinet design offers increased rigidity and reduced rigidity. Sonus modified the metalwork and replaced the angled edges with smooth round edges. The brand also changed the color of the metalwork. They replaced the black and brushed aluminum with a single anodized grey offering while also leaving the moving parts brushed.

You can also get the Homage Collection in a graphite finish. In total, there are three finishes – wenge, red, and graphite.

Price Of The Sonus Faber Homage Collection

The collection is available to order with an RRP of:

  1. The Guarneri G5 – £13,000 (Guarneri stand: £3,200)
  2. The Serafino G2 – £22,000
  3. The Amati G5 – £30,000
  4. The Vox G3 – £14,000.

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