New Additions To Piega’s Coax 2 Series

Swiss audio company Piega announces four models to their Coax 2 Series.

We know the Piega Coax series thanks to the massive success of the Coax 711, 511, and 311 models. We also saw the upcoming releases at the High End 2022 in Munich.

Finally, the new additions to the Coax series will be out on the market in two months. Let’s look at the four new models coming into Piega’s Coax series.

The New Models To The Piega Coax 2 Series

The three-way Coax models now sport the latest, upgraded version of said coaxial ribbon driver. It now features a redesigned solid aluminum front panel with additional cross-bracing and a center bridge.

The upgraded design allows installing an extra neodymium magnet above the tweeter to improve efficiency. Furthermore, a newly developed, specially coated driver foil achieves a more linear frequency response in the lower frequency range to deliver seamless integration with the low-frequency drivers.

The coaxial ribbon now takes over reproduction from 450 Hz upwards, creating a seamlessly linear response through the critical vocal range and into the HF spectrum.

The Coax 811

It’s a floorstander fitted with four 220 mm UHQD woofers. Two of the woofers are actively driven by the connected amplifier. While the other two oscillate as passive diaphragms alongside the new C212+ coax driver. This feature is suitable for 22Hz-50kHz with 92dB/W/m sensitivity and impedance rated at 4 Ohm nominal.

The Coax 611

The 611 is taller and deeper than the older Coax 511. However, the cabinet is only 21 cm wide and incorporates five 160 mm UHQD woofers. Two subwoofers are actively driven, and the other three serve as passive diaphragms. The three are paired with the new C112+ coaxial ribbon and produce 32Hz – 50kHz at 90dB/W/m.

The Coax 411

The 411 is a stand-mount loudspeaker fitted with the C112+ coaxial ribbon and a 160 mm UHQD woofer to make 35Hz – 50kHz at 90dB/W/m.

The Coax Center 211

Lastly, the 211 is a multi-channel home cinema or spatial audio system. Again, you get the C112+ coaxial ribbon with two UHQD woofers to ensure outstanding speech intelligibility. Claimed frequency response is 35Hz – 50kHz.

What’s The Release Date?

According to Piega, all four models will debut on the market in September.


  • The Coax 811 will retail at £26,900.00 (black or white versions £27,500.00 per pair)
  • The Coax 611 will retail at £14,900 per pair (£15,500.00 for black anodized or white lacquer).
  • The Coax 411 will retail at 7,900.00 per pair (anodized black and white lacquer costing £8,500.00 per pair).
  • The Coax Center 211 will retail at £4,900.00 or £5,200.00 each, depending on the finishes. 

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