The Release Of The Grado GW100x Wireless Headphones

Grado is back with the new and improved version of the GWI00, the GW100x. This month alone, November 2022, has been full of headphone releases. Does the GW100x live up to expectations, exceed industry standards, and prove to be an upgrade from the award-winning GW100? Here’s everything we know about the GW100x by Grado.

The GW100x Wireless Headphones

The GW100x Wireless Headphones

In 2018, the Brooklyn-based manufacturer Grado released the GW100, the minimalist headphones. Grado just announced the latest version of its wireless open-back headphones. The GW100x promises new X drivers, Bluetooth v5.2, and better battery life.

Grado’s GW100x comes with the personal audio maestro’s 44mm fourth-generation X series drivers. This upgrade promises a more powerful magnetic circuit, a voice coil with decreased effective mass, and a reconfigured diaphragm. This combination makes the drivers more efficient while also reducing distortion.

Furthermore, you can expect redesigned speaker housings and internals. This new redesign results in reduced sound leakage by up to 60%. As Grado promised, the GW100x will also work its way to the updated Bluetooth v5.2. Bluetooth v5.2 offers a greater wireless range and a more reliable and stable connection. The GW100x also supports aptX Adaptive alongside your standard AAC and SBC codecs. 

For Grado fans, the battery life is what they’ve been looking forward to. The GW100 offered a 15-hour playtime. The GW100x now offers a 46-hour playtime, which is a massive jump. Furthermore, you get a two-hour charge time.

To finish things off, you get a mic for voice calls, on-earcup controls, and the ability to control them from your mobile device. Furthermore, you get a 3.5mm headphone socket and bundled cable for wired listening.

Price Of The GW100x Wireless Headphone

The Grado GW100x retails at £249 and is now available.

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