REL Unveiled Its Reference Series

REL Acoustics dropped their reference series subwoofer line. The series includes two subwoofers: No. 31 and No. 32 subwoofers. Here’s everything you need to know about REL’s latest drop.

The REL No. 31 Reference Subwoofer

No. 31 Subwoofer

According to REL, the No. 31 subwoofer references the No. 32 subwoofer. You can expect a 12-inch driver (900W RMS) and a newly developed 12″ (350mm) all-carbon fiber drive. The No. 31 goes down to 17Hz (-6dB).

The REL NO. 32 Reference Subwoofer

No. 32 Subwoofer

No. 32 sports a 15-inch driver (1,000W RMS) boasting 4-inches of stroke. According to REL, No. 32 aims to elevate the Reference Series. You can also expect REL’s ultra-reliable 1,000-watt amp outfitted with thin film capacitors, higher gain, and superior limiting. The No. 32 goes down to 15Hz (-6dB).

Similar Features On REL No. 31 & No. 32 Subwoofers

Both subwoofers are closed box designs with front-firing drivers constructed of long throw carbon fiber cones with inverted carbon fiber center caps. These are powered by Class D amplification with dual parametric filters and an 80 dB gain control range.

Similarly, you get variable crossover control from 20 to 90 Hz and switchable phase control (0 or 180 degrees) to match the in/out motion of the subwoofer driver to the rest of the speakers in your system.

The rear panels on both No. 31 and No. 32 include High-Level Neutrik Speakon, Low-Level stereo RCA, and XLR, LFE RCA, and Line XLR inputs alongside High-Level Neutrik speakOn, LFE XLR, and Line XLR outputs.

Both subwoofers come with a circular remote control instead of having to get to the rear panel to make adjustments. This handy device offers at-seat access to crossover control, parametric EQ, hi/low-level volume control, phase, etc.

If you need more low-end artillery, both models are stackable to create a line array. Using the REL Couplers, you can stack three subs (max of five). The couplers are solid, milled aluminum units that bolt to each sub and, along with the substantial rails on the underside of each cabinet, create an extremely heavy, sturdy bass tower.

Prices Of The REL No. 31 & No. 32 Subwoofers

  1. No. 31 Reference Subwoofer (£7,000)
  2. No. 32 Reference Subwoofer (£10,000)

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