Triangle’s 40th Anniversary Speakers

Triangle announced its limited edition 40th anniversary speaker range, The Magellan

The Magellan is Triangle’s jewel in the crown, showcasing craftsmanship, pure luxury, and cutting-edge technology.

The Magellan 40th Anniversary speaker range comprises the Quatuor 40th and Cello 40th floorstanders, the Duetto 40th bookshelf speakers, and the Voce 40th center speaker.

Each speaker comes in three luxuriously exclusive finishes, namely, Shadow Zebrano (above), Golden Oak, and Space Black.

The Magellan 40th

The Magellan comes with a DPS (Dynamic Pulse System) II system that improves sound quality and reduces directivity. Furthermore, it improves the sound balance by radiating almost as much energy to the front and rear of the transmission point.

According to Triangle, the Magellan loudspeakers have a greater openness of the soundstage without distorting the original signal, while allowing easier placement in the room acoustically.

This system consists of a heat sink ring in contact with the back of the yoke – the heat conduction ring. This ring collects heat dissipated from the core and the yoke and brings it to a finned cover.

 It results in an increase in power handling capacity to 200 Watts RMS per woofer. This effective heat dissipation system protects from any risks of thermal runaway improving greatly the overall drivers performance.

The Magellan 40th

Triangle recorded a difference of 20° on average over 120 minutes, with a pink noise registered at 100 watts and filtered with a high pass at 80Hz.

The four pure copper terminals on the Triangle Magellan 40th Anniversary range are fitted to a substantial block of die-cast aluminum. The terminals are designed to accommodate bare cable, banana plugs, or forks. With independent crossover circuits, bi-amplification promises to enhance things.

Price Of The Triangle Magellan Range

  • The flagship Quatuor 40th retails at €14,000 per pair.
  • The Cello 40th retails at €11,000 per pair
  • The Duetto 40th retails at €5,500 per pair
  • The Voce 40th center-channel model retails at €3,000 each
  • Triangle also offers special stands for the Duetto (Support S08) and Voce (Support S08C) that cost €1,000 and €750, respectively.

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