The Technics SL-G700M2 Multi-Digital Player

The Technics SL-G700M2 grand class audio player available in November 2022

Technics have a new addition to the G700 series. Technics markets the SL-G700M2 as a high-performing, dual monaural digital-to-analogue converter and SACD player. It supports hi-res streaming services and many digital audio media, including full decoding of MQA files and MQA-CDs.

It’s nothing like the streamers we’ve reviewed on here.

So with that long intro, here’s everything we know about the Technics SL-G700M2

What To Expect From The SL-G700M2

The SL-G700M2 comes with a High Precision Coherent D/A Converter. According to Technics, the converter is a result of the accumulation of technologies. These technologies convert digital values to analog signals with the utmost precision and output them to an amplifier.

It comprises of:

  1. Coherent processing
  2. High-performance D/A converter in dual monaural configuration
  3. A proprietary discrete amplifier circuit.

The SL-G700M2 shows off with the new dual ESS ES9026PRO which is newly adopted for the DAC chip. The symmetrical placement of one L/R unit on each side and their independent transmission structures reduce mutual interference and faithfully reproduce the sound image and musical space contained in the sound source.

The filter circuit after the D/A conversion uses an amplifier circuit with a unique discrete configuration instead of an operational amplifier IC. This design choice results in even higher responsiveness and S/N and reproduces even the most subtle sounds.

Technics’ new proprietary coherent processing technology improves the reproducibility of impulse signals by minimising amplitude and phase deviations that occur throughout the D/A conversion process for signals up to 192 kHz PCM using proprietary digital signal processing*. With this processing, purity of the sound is increased, and the sound image is clearer.

The SL-G700M2 is divided into four sections inside the chassis, with the power supply, digital interface, analogue circuitry and disc drive sections being independent of the other. This design choice suppresses mutual interference between circuits and reduces sound quality degradation. Not only that, but the disc drive adopts a three-layer chassis configuration, vibration-damping, and quiet construction, including a disc tray made of die-cast aluminium said to ensure high-precision disc playback.

The exterior features a hairline-finished 7mm-thick aluminium front panel and 3mm-thick aluminium side panels.

Digital audio players that handle small signals require thorough noise suppression because even the slightest noise can significantly affect sound quality. The Multi-Stage Silent Power Supply provides thorough noise suppression in three stages:

  1. High-speed switching power supply
  2. Low-noise regulator
  3. Current injection active noise cancelling

The SL-G700M2 uses a high-speed switching power supply of approximately 300 kHz, which is also used for the analogue circuits of the SU-R1000 reference-class integrated amplifier. By increasing the switching frequency, the interference of noise on the music playback bandwidth is reduced and a highly responsive power supply is achieved.

The low-noise regulator also provides low noise at high level and stable power supply are realised with the fine tuning of circuit patterns.

The SL-G700M2 also supports Google Chromecast and Apple AirPlay 2. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless connections. The player is also equipped with a USB-B port allowing for a constant connection to a network audio server or PC for playback of high-resolution sound from the connected device.

Price Of The Technics SL-G700M2

The Technics SL-G700M2 retails at £2,899 and is available on November 22nd 2022 in black or silver.

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