It features an onboard MM phono stage, DAC, a headphone amplifier, and a lot more. The last integrated amp we covered offered a different perspective. So, how does the Elex M4 compare? Here’s everything we know about the Rega Elex M4 Integrated Amplifier.

The Rega Elex M4 Integrated Amplifier

The Elex MK4 is a high-performance stereo-integrated amplifier designed to deliver the purest musical performance. You can look forward to a sleeker design, improved circuitry, and integrated DAC handling up to 24/ 192 decoding.

The Elex M4 is a replacement for the Rega Elex-R released in 2014.

The Rega ELex M4 Integrated Amplifier.

A New Custom Case

It’s wrapped in a new custom case that better matches Rega’s current range, including the top-flight Aethos and Elicit Mk5 amps.

The Key Features

Rega’s class A/B power amplifier circuit provides 72W per channel into 8 ohms or 90W into 6 ohms, with power provided by a quiet, multi-stage linear supply. Furthermore, the digital and analog supply rails are galvanically isolated to counter signal interference.

You can also expect four line-level inputs alongside galvanically and optically isolated optical and coaxial digital inputs. These inputs use a Wolfson S/PDIF receiver IC to provide exceptional detail and clarity. It’s the first we’ve seen on an Elex amp.

The built-in DAC takes inspiration from Rega’s DAC-R circuit. The Elex M4 also uses the Wolfson DAC and Rega-designed discrete line-driver circuit for output.

Rega also included a carefully integrated MM phono stage. According to Rega, the RIAA equalization splits into two stages to minimize interaction. Also, Rega used polyester capacitors in the signal path, and polypropylene capacitors are used in the RIAA equalization circuits.

Lastly, you get a headphone output on the front panel for late-night listening with a 6.3mm jack.

Price Of The Elex M4 Integrated Amplifier

It retails at an SSP of £1,199 and is currently available.

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