The Mission 700 Speaker Reborn

A blast from the past with the Mission 700 speaker.

The 80’s iconic speaker, the Mission 700 is getting an update and a release date scheduled for later this month. So what should you expect from the rebirth of the Mission 700 speaker?

The Mission 700 Bookshelf Speaker

According to Mission, it’s a reintroduction of the 700 bookshelf speaker. It will be a mix of a 2022-rework while also keeping its iconic 80s appeal.

The new Mission 700 comes with a 165mm polypropylene mid/bass cone stiffened by minerals and promises fast, tight bass. The mid/bass motor system also underwent a redesign to take into account modern power handling and dynamics. Like the new 770, the driver sits on a die-cast chassis with large rear ‘windows’ to reduce early reflections back through the cone.

The Mission 700

The higher frequencies are taken care of by a lightweight, damped, 28mm microfibre dome backed by a damped rear chamber. Mission states this is a vast improvement over the original’s 19mm-dome treble unit.

The new 700 cabinet uses a sandwich construction of differing woods bonded by a layer of damping adhesive. Internal bracing adds further strength and support while a mixture of foam and long hair fiber provides internal resonance and reflection absorption. According to Mission, the cabinet alongside the front-firing reflex port, is tuned to a very low frequency, thus avoiding the ‘one note bass’ typical of some bass reflex systems.

Furthermore, the port is heavily flared at both ends to smooth airflow and eradicate distortion. As a result, we are told that the low frequency extends cleanly to below 38Hz in room. Mission gives a frequency response of 45Hz-20kHz  (+/- 3dB) for this 86dB (2.8V @ 1m) efficient, 510x260x270mm (HxWxD) loudspeaker.

The Price Of The Mission 700 Speaker

The speaker retails at £1,299 without the optional stands and £1,499 as a speaker and stand bundle.

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