The Focal Utopia Flagship Headphones

Focal just made an incredible product announcement.

Unveiled in 2016, Focal returns in 2022 with a reworked design and improvements to the sound for even more music-inspired emotion.

The Focal Utopia 2022 Headphones

The new Utopia headphones borrow aesthetic cues from Focal’s latest hi-fi open-back (Clear Mg) and closed-back (Stellia and Celestee) cans, with the honeycomb grille on both the outside and inside the earcups lending the earphones a unique attitude. 

The 2022 Focal Utopia Headphones

The new Utopia headphones introduce a new design to Focal and its future products. So what did Focal keep from the original 2016 unveiling? The Utopia headphones retain the full-range pure Beryllium and ‘M’-shaped domed speaker drivers from the originals.

Exclusive to Focal, the patented speaker drivers run with zero active or passive correction throughout its claimed frequency range of 5Hz to over 50 kHz. However, Focal’s engineers have replaced the voice coil with a copper and aluminum unit. Copper for improved reliability, married to the lightweight characteristic of aluminum. The new and exceptional materials enhance the listening experience.

According to Focal, using this alloy results in a rejuvenated sound signature with greater neutrality, powerful bass, and a more mellow treble. Furthermore, the grilles inside the earcups are also M-shaped, following the curves of the speaker drivers to give improved linearity and even more precision.

The core of the new Utopia is made from forged, recycled carbon, while the headband and perforated memory foam earcups are bound in genuine leather to provide unparalleled comfort and softness.

Utopia comes in faux-leather packaging with a black fabric thermoformed carrying case and two high-fidelity cables (10ft and 5ft / 3m and 1.5m) for using the headphones at home with an amplifier or on the go with Lemo connectors and a jack adapter.

Lastly, Focal recommends the Uniti Atom Headphone Edition streaming headphone amplifier from renowned British brand and Focal’s Vervent Audio Group partner, Naim. 

Price Of The Focal Utopia Headphones

The 2022 Utopia headphones retail at £4,699/ €4999 and are available at select distributors.

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