TAD Labs Reveals New Speaker And DACs

Japanese audio company TAD Labs revealed three new additions to their Eclipse series. 

Japanese audio company TAD Labs or Technical Audio Devices Laboratories, Inc. revealed new devices to their Evolution series for the European market.

What Are The Three New Devices?

Audiophiles in Europe can look forward to the TAD-E2 “Evolution Two” floor standing speakers, the D1000TX and the DA1000TX. TAD Labs introduced us t the D1000TX and the DA1000TX in a press release in September 2021.

The TAD-E2

The Evolution Two floor standing speakers have been public knowledge for a while since their announcement at the Tokyo International Audio Show in 2021. You can expect two newly developed 15.5cm woofers/midrange drivers with a dual-layered “MACC (Multi-layered Aramid Composite Cone)” cone.

The D1000TX And The DA1000TX

The difference between these two DACs is their equipment. The D1000TX works as a “Digital Media Center,” while the DA1000TX is a pure DAC. Both devices feature the third generation of TAD’s self-developed “Asynchronous USB Communication Engine,” which is supposed to guarantee the precise reception of audio files fed via USB.

In the way of digital inputs, both devices carry 1x XLR, 2x coaxial, 1x optical, and 1x USB; In addition to the option to output the converted signal analog via RCA or XLR, they also offer one XLR and coaxial digital output each. You can regulate the analog output thanks to the volume control.

According to TAD, you can connect the devices directly to a power amplifier, working as a preamplifier. Further benefits include a unique housing structure and newly developed feet – both of which aim to keep vibrations away –and the particular self-developed clock.

The devices hit European stores in May 2022. You can find more information here

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