Pro-Ject Released The X2B Turntable

Austrian audio company Pro-Ject released the X2B Turntable. 

Pro-Ject released the latest addition to the True Balanced Connection series, the X2 B Turntable. Pro-Ject markets the X2 B as a premium record player featuring a fully balanced mini-XLR output. Not only that, but you can expect a symmetrical connection to phono stages featuring a similar input. 

So what more should you expect from this new addition?

The Pro-Ject X2 B Turntable

Features Of The Pro-Ject X2 B Turntable

The X2 B comes with an Ortofon Quintet Red moving coil cartridge, Connect-IT E cables, and a balanced output option for what most manufacturers consider to be class-leading convenience and sonic superiority.

The X2 B employs the support of a large CNC machined MDF chassis that sit upon three vibration-absorbing feet. It reduces unwanted resonances to almost imperceptible levels.

Inside, it houses a sophisticated DC/AC generator board which, combined with the convenient speed control board (for automatic switching between 33 and 45 RPM and offering support for 78 RPM), delivers clean and stable power to the silent motor system.

Furthermore, the motor is carefully balanced and suspended on a precision-tuned TPE belt, effectively decoupling the motor from the main plinth.

The X2 B motor drives a heavy, non-resonant 30mm 2kg Acryl platter via a sub-platter drive system and a premium grade main bearing for liquid-smooth rotation. Wow and flutter measurements are given as 33: ±0.12% / 45: ±0.10%, while speed drift is stated as 33: ±0.25% / 45: ±0.20%.

You can also expect a one-piece Carbon/Alu tonearm with an integrated headshell. This 9-inch (230mm effective arm length, 13.5g effective mass, 18mm overhang) carbon/aluminium sandwich tonearm design is incredibly light and stiff, with improved resistance to external interference and better internal damping. Additionally, it is supplied with a TPE-damped counterweight, further reducing cartridge/ tonearm resonances.

You can adjust the tonearm for accurate azimuth and VTA settings, allowing vinylistas to fine-tune their sound.

Price Of The Pro-Ject X2 B Turntable

The X2 B Turntable retails at £1,399 and is available in four finishes: a premium walnut wood veneer, a luxurious black eight-layer high gloss paint, or black or white eight-layer hand-polished satin paint.

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