Lumin Announced The T3 Network Player

Audiophile Network Music Player Family member Lumin announced their upcoming network player, the T3.

The T3 is the first Lumin product with a DAC to feature an all-new processing system. Furthermore, the Lumin T3 combines its new-for-2022 processing system, solid CNC-panel construction, and X1 technology to deliver maximum price and performance.

The T3 serves to be an evolution from the Lumin T2. So what should you expect from this debut?

The Lumin T3

Features Of The Lumin T3

 The T3 comes with Dual ES9028Pro SABRE DACs featuring dual-mono operation with support for upsampling and downsampling to any frequency from DSD256 and PCM 384kHz. You also get Leedh Processing lossless volume control with a new digital volume adjustment algorithm that according to Lumin eliminates rounding errors. Additionally, the dual-mono circuitry runs throughout the T3’s design.

You can expect a surfacing process for the T3’s thick CNC’d aluminum casement that is less susceptible to finger marks and easier to clean, taken from Lumin’s high-end P1. The T3 also matches the P1’s finish options of anodized silver or black.

The Lumin T3

What about the analog outputs? Unbalanced RCA (voltage 3Vrms) and balanced XLR (voltage 6Vrms) alongside BNC digital output and a USB port can also be used as an output.

An RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet socket connects the Lumin T3 to your local network, while the USB port enables storage to be physically connected to the player.

The Lumin T3 uses the UPnP AV protocol with an extension for audio streaming (OpenHome). Furthermore, the T3 is a RoonReady device that supports Spotify Connect, Tidal Connect, Quobuz, FLAC Lossless Radio, TuneIn Radio, Apple AirPlay, and multiroom (SongCast), with support for MQA.

The Lumin control app is available for iOS and Android with built-in search and extensive support for tags and playlists. You can also adjust the volume via the application.

The Lumin T3 Release Date

The Lumin T3 drops in September and retails at £4,195 inc VAT.

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