Advance Paris’ New Streaming Products

French audio company Advance Paris revealed two new music streaming products: the MyCast7 and the PlayStream A1 HDMI.

MyCast 7 (Image credit @Advance Paris)

The MyCast7

The all-in-one Mycast7 is a compact amp with a CD drive and FM/DAB+ for radio connectivity. Furthermore, it supports Spotify, Deezer, Qobuz, and Tidal – and of course, access to your home network.

Here are other specs of the MyCast7:

  • Internet radio via TuneIn and iHeartradio 
  •  Bluetooth and AirPlay 2 
  •  An HDMI connection with a return channel
  •  A Wolfson PCM DAC with two digital inputs
  •  USB
  •  A phono MM input
  •  A subwoofer output.

The PlayStream A1 HDMI

Advance Paris shares that the PlayStream A1 HDMI could be 2x 45 watts into 6 ohms, coming from a Class A output stage. It also comes with a remote, and the corresponding app for iOS or Android is available for free on the app store.

It weighs just under 7 kilograms with a solid aluminum front panel. The device is available in black with silver knobs and retails for around 700 euros*.

Other Announcements From Advance Paris

The French company also revealed an integrated streaming amplifier. Advance Paris claims that the PlayStream A1 HDMI will deliver 2x 52 watts from a Class AB amplifier stage into 6 ohms.

There’s high expectations for this high quality construction. It will also include include, a high-quality DAC, including USB and an HDMI port with a return channel to integrate a TV and a phono input (MM).

The high-resolution streaming functionalities support Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Music, Napster, Qobuz, Tidal, and three Internet radio options.

Bluetooth is also part of the package. Coming also in the distinctive black look with silver-colored knobs, the PlayStream A1 HDMI is set to retail at 790 euros*.

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