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Advance Paris XL-1000 Loudspeakers

At £18,000 the Advance Paris XL-1000 have a lot to live up to, and there are some big names they have to knock down to claim that top spot… but boy they are defiantly making them sweat..

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Pro-Ject Juke Box E

At £349.00, an all in one turntable, amplifier, bluetooth streamer couldn’t be that good right? Well let’s connect up some speakers and find out!

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Hana ML Moving Coil Cartridge

It is certainly one of if not the best cartridges I have heard at under £1000 and is better than many cartridges I have heard at double its price

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A UK based firm, with a top loading CD drawer…. sounds like my kind of product..

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MOON by Sim Audio 280D

Looking for a relatively inexpensive streaming option that won’t compromise the sound. The MOON by Sim Audio 280D seems like the product of choice!

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Dan D’ Agostino Progression Power Amplifier

When it comes to HiFi exotica Dan D’Agostino products have to be up there with the best in the world. The Progression power amplifier is one of the best looking and sounding! GOLD AWARD!

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Origin Live Aurora Turntable

Coming from a smaller UK manufacturer, as you would expect build quality is great, and the sound is very musical and enjoyable. SILVER AWARD

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Audiovector SR3 Signature Loudspeakers

Compact floorstander with superb build quality & excellent sound. Upgradable, while coming in a range of stunning finishes, this speaker has won me over! GOLD AWARD