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Origin Live Conqueror Tonearm

a wholehearted recommendation is deserved here but beware, choose a dealer who is well capable of fitting and setting up the device. Experience has told me that setting up requires more than just the tonearm but the isolation and free suspension and support for the turntable

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Naim Muso

There is not too much to really criticise with the MuSo 2nd gen streaming speaker. As an all in one unit it does not do much wrong, the price while high for this type of product, is not extortionate but may put some people off as it is a lot more than the old model

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Spendor A4 Loudspeakers

The Spendor A4 came with an exceptional reputation, so expectations where high… unfortuantly while they aren’t by any means bad, they didn’t live up to what I hoped for