Rating System Explained

At Audiopal’s we have a simple key to how we rate products, this is based on a star rating system as well as an award (if applicable)

The star rating systems is broken down into 4 categories, each of which is rated out of a possible 5 stars :

Build Quality, Sound Quality, Features, Value for Money

Once these are tallied up, an overall star rating is automatically generated, thanks to our online algorithm. This way we can conduct fair and honest reviews on the 4 key factors above, and an overall rating is generated automatically for us to give an overall score, which is based solely from these ratings. This way they are totally fair, and honest based off our thoughts on each of the 4 factors.

Awards Explained

Our Platinum award is our top award that can be given to any product. This award tends to gather dust, as only a very select few products will ever achieve this award. This is only awarded when a product is close to perfection, and scores exceptionally high in our algorithm (5.0/5.0)

“A must buy!”

Our gold award is given to any product that scores 4.5 to 4.9 / 5.0 on our algorithm. This means the product is excellent, and has scored very well on our 4 keys factors (build quality, sound quality, features & value for money) and is a product that deserves serious consideration!

“A serious contender”

Our silver award is given to any product that receives a score between 4.0 – 4.4 / 5.0. This generally relates to a product that has serious potential, and is a great performer, but has a few drawbacks, that has lead to it falling short for us.

“A worthy product!”

Any product that scores 3.9 or below will not receive an award. These products are generally products that have shown potential, but have fallen short in terms of Build Quality, Sound Quality, Features and Value for Money. Many of these products have great qualities, but the drawbacks have been fundamentally their downfall.

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