Goldring Announces The Eroica HX

UK turntable brand Goldring announced the Eroica HX moving coil cartridge. 

Goldring introduced the latest member of its moving coil cartridge family, the Eroica HX. It sits alongside the Eroica LX in the Goldring’s heroic range.

The Goldring Eroica HX

Features Of The Eroica HX

You can look forward to a pure-iron cross-armature wound with numerous ultra-fine enameled-copper windings. Thanks to that, the Eroica HX boasts a 2.5 mV output.

Not only that, but the matched impedance is sufficient for the MC cartridge to work with a standard 47 kΩ MM phono input without compromising the low crosstalk that moving coil designs are prized for.

The cross-shape design can separate left and right stereo channels (better than 25 dB @ 1 kHz quoted channel separation) far more effectively than the moving magnet alternative.

The stylus is tipped with a Gyger II diamond sporting a tiny five-micron playing radius. According to Goldring, the upshot is that it can trace frequencies as high as 50kHz (low-frequency range stated as 10 Hz) without distortion.

The cartridge body consists of Pocan, a light, rigid material with no input into the sound and brings the cartridge mass to 5.2 g (without fixings). The body is also standard size; you can mount it using common fixings above or below the headshell.

Eroica HX is designed to work straight from the box and slot into your existing system with no fuss whatsoever. Simply install it in place of your old moving magnet cartridge.

You can find more information on the Eroica HX here

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