Elipson Launched Its Reference Series

French speaker company Elipson launched its highly anticipated Reference Series. 

The High End 2022 Show set the scene for many Hi-Fi manufacturers. Elipson is one of the brands that showcased their P1 Pre-Amplifier and A2700 Power Amplifier.

Finally, both of these show pieces are available to the public. Let’s look at what Elispon’s brand new Reference Series offers.

The P1 Pre Amplifier

The Elipson P1 Pre Amplifier

The Elipson P1 provides a balanced design and a bespoke power supply to the OLED display, switching relays, and microcontroller, alongside a purely sinusoidal (self-oscillating) DC-DC converter.

The converter comes with low noise regulators that supply all the analog sections of the P1. So what’s the result? According to Elipson, you get minimal noise allowing the P1 to reveal the “smallest details of the music signal.”

Elipson also shares that the P1 offers harmonic distortion < 0,001 % for all audible bandwidth between -16 and +16 dBu, with a 102 dB (A) @ 1 V; Dynamic 120 dB signal to noise ratio.

You can either opt for the fully-loaded P1F or start with the all-analog P1 and add the EES Sabre DAC with USB or the MM/MC phono stage.

The A2700 Power Amplifier

The Elipson A2700 Power Amplifier

Elipse made it so that the A2700 would be the perfect partner to the P1. It’s a Class D power amp that promises 400W into 8 ohms (stereo) and 1400 W RMS (2500 W peak) into 8 ohms as a bridged mono amp.

The A2700 also features a proprietary cooling concept that reduces the risk of thermal runaway under any load.

Elipse also offers 2U mounting brackets for a custom installation environment.

Prices Of The P1 And The A2700

The Elipson P1 retails at £1899/ €1990
The P1F retails at £2,799/ €2,849
The A2700 retails at £2999/ €2,990

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